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Famingo Apparel x Vickie Vainionpää

"Vickie Vainionpää’s practice considers the impact of technology on the process of painting and investigates the relationship between natural forces and digital processes. In her ongoing Soft Body Dynamics series, twisting, tubular forms are systematically created using generative 3D modeling software. The software randomly generates a set number of splines per day, from which the artist selects to create final compositions which are painted by hand using oil on linen. By embracing new digital means of reading space and content, the works draw attention to the ever-changing relationship between the human body and digital technology." -Vickie Vainionpää’
Based in Montreal, QC, Vickie's unique style and devotion to her artistic passion are what ignited this creative partnership with Famingo Apparel. Her drive and dedication to her craft reflect our core values, especially her relentless pursuit to follow her dreams. She has turned her artistic visions into reality and this is a testament to the success one can achieve by following their passion.
This is our very first Limited Edition Collaboration and it will never be printed again.
Available while supplies last.
See more about Vickie HERE
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